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The E-sen-cia method offers a natural way of

treating your skin and body, respecting the

energy that is present in each of us.


We practice Oriental and European

techniques to support better functioning

of the organs.  As a result, all the

treatments are completely holistic,

healing the body from the inside out.


We specialise in skin care and massage

treatments using certified, organic

products combined with fresh organic

fruits and vegetables.  These treatments are

unique because we exclusively use the

highest quality organic ingredients, coupled

with the latest techniques to produce

stunning results.


No two treatments are ever the same as

they are tailor made for each client.

All our facials use pure, organic and active ingredients to rebalance and heal the skin.


Our facials rejuvenate, protect and support the natural function of the skin.


We use effective serums, high potency anti-oxidants and fresh produce such as pumpkins, oranges, natural yogurt, honey and Matcha tea to achieve a glowing, healthy looking complexion.


Our holistic facials include Japanese and European massage techniques on your face and body to stimulate your lungs and circulatory systems, thereby feeding your skin from the inside- out.


Your skin will glow and look radiant....

and you will feel fabulous!

The E-sen-cia massage has been

developed after training with many teachers and therapists from around the world.


We tune into your energy to realign,

de-stress and relieve tension. Every massage is tailored to your individual requirements and incorporates deep tissue therapy with meridian work.  This is the ultimate treatment for those who wish to feel healthier, fitter and well balanced.


Suitable for both men and women.

E-sen-cia specialise in


. Teenage acne

. Dehydrated, dry and very sensitive skin

. Broken capillaries

. Oily skin


The E-sen-cia facials are also perfect for

anti-ageing and sun damaged skin due to

the high concentrate of anti oxidants and

polyphenols present in all the ingredients

used. By working on balancing the Ph of

the skin we can address every skin





E-sen-cia use natural, organic and mineral

based make-up to achieve a flawless finish

for your special wedding or event.





We offer a full range of waxing suitable for

even the most sensitive skins.

Treatments start from £10.


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